2021 3MT finalists videos

3-minute presentations from each of 2021's 3 Minute Thesis finalists.

Finalist 1: Eleanor Capaldi - Moray House School of Education and Sport

Presentation: How Can Art Connect with Diverse Audiences Online?

Finalist 2: Zack Hodari - School of Informatics

Presentation: How to speak like a human

Finalist 3: Rutger Kok - School of Engineering

Presentation: Using tartan patterns to reduce aircraft emissions

Finalist 4: Niamh McNamara - Centre for Reproductive Health

Presentation: The Brain as an Orchestra: The Role of Conductors

Finalist 5: Melissa Morton - Edinburgh College of Art

Presentation: ‘Coming up next!’ Creativity and Branding in TV Idents

Finalist 6: Anna Motyl - Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

Presentation: Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Looking back to move treatments forward

Finalist 7: Behnaz Nowrouzi - School of Engineering

Presentation: Taxol® rush

Finalist 8: Michael Poon - School of Medical Informatics, Usher Institute

Presentation: Building Bridges for Glioblastoma Research

Finalist 9: Julia Smith - Edinburgh College of Art

Presentation: How did people respond to the technology of print? Colour and the fifteenth-century media revolution