Hybrid Pioneers: A cross-institute Action Group 2021-2023

Hybrid Pioneers: A cross-institute Action Group 2021-2023

School:  Moray House School of Education and Sport

Team Members:  Do Coyle, Heidi Smith, James Lamb, Pete Evans, ML White, Janet de Vigne, Ashley Simpson, Murray Craig, Wendy Timmons, Anya Clayworth, Thomas Chaurin, Juan Jose (JJ) Miranda


Hybrid Pioneers is a cross-institute initiative developed at Moray House School of Education and Sport (MHSES) for the academic years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. The project builds on recent innovative work seeking to further experiment with and research ‘hybridity in action’ from a range of staff and student perspectives across programmes spanning all four institutes of MHSES. An Action Group consisting of 11 course leads has been established with a timetable of scheduled ‘interventions,’ research activities, and data gathering, covering at least 10 programmes and involving over 800 students. The Hybrid Pioneers also include members of the Digital Services Team, Director of Learning and Teaching, Deputy Head of MHSES and colleagues in Centre for Open Learning (COL) and on Access programmes.

Our aim is to create an evidence-based blueprint to ensure that MHSES, and the wider University, provides fit-for-purpose high quality learning and teaching across its programmes and learning spaces now and in the future. We require funding for a Research Assistant to coordinate our research activities, facilitate the gathering and analysis of data, and contribute to dissemination of recommendations in innovative forms. We also seek funding for the development of a digital version of a Shared Learning Spaces Toolkit, which will provide a platform for exploring and innovating learning and teaching in hybrid settings.