Developing your leadership as a researcher

A flexible, 8-module online course created in collaboration with 64 Million Artists to support you to focus on research and priorities.

Developing Your Leadership as a Researcher was designed in 2020/21 to support academics to focus on their research and priorities following a time of disruption for all.  The online course was put together by leadership development experts drawing on the wealth of knowledge they have from working in academia.

Based on the understanding that different people will need different things, the course is flexible and designed to support you whatever your needs.  It can be done in parallel with other learning, or as a standalone experience.  You can undertake it yourself, or form a peer-learning group.  

It is an online programme, with 8 modules that you can take at your own pace. The modules cover:

  1. Purpose and Vision
  2. Idea Development
  3. Prioritisation and Focus
  4. Bid Development
  5. Project and People Management
  6. Internal and External Influencing
  7. Stress and Resilience
  8. Managing Uncertainty and Failing Well

You are invited to complete Module 1 first, to better understand where you want to be next and then progress through the rest of the modules in whatever order works for you. The modules consist of video learning, exercises and reflection.

We recommend you aim to complete it within 3-6 months to give a sense of progression and momentum, but you can take it at whatever pace you wish.

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