Applying to the Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme

To apply for the PTAS, you need to submit a completed form. Deadlines, guidance and application form below.

Application deadlines for two calls in academic year 2023/2024 are 5th October 2023 and 7th March 2024.

Applications are submitted by 23:59 PM GMT on these dates, and are electronic only. Please note that late submissions will not be accepted and all submissions will require signatures  (you would therefore be submitting PDF scanned copies, or use electronic signatures in your documentation). See further down the page for more details on how to submit.

Please note that funds for the October submission deadline will be disbursed in January, and the March submission in June. Please plan the start date of your project with these dates in mind.

Guidance notes and application forms

To support the project planning and proposal building stage, please read our Guidance document for both small and large grants

Guidance related to applications for PTAS Grants Guidance (PDF) 

To apply for a PTAS Small Grant (monies up to a maximum of £2500), please use our Small Grant form.

To apply for a PTAS Regular Grant (monies between £2501 and £18,000) please use our Regular Grant form.

Submission themes and special calls

We welcome proposals focused on all areas of learning and teaching. We particularly welcome bids which focus on the following themes:

  • curriculum innovation, curriculum review, curriculum enhancements, and decolonising the curriculum
  • equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • assessment and feedback innovations
  • sustainability, sustainable development goals
  • digital, hybrid and blended learning
  • transitions (e.g., school to university, year to year, university to work)

In the 2023/24 year, we would like to highlight a specific need for proposals centered on teaching large classes. A description of teaching large classes and why they are important can be found here 

There are, as yet, no specials calls planned for the  2023/2024 year

Workshops for prospective applicants

Each year we have two workshops to help prospective applicants. The workshop provides key information and guidance on how to apply for PTAS funding, including advice on what types of projects are funded, and there will also be space to discuss project ideas and ask questions.  

PTAS Information Sessions

In the 2023/24 year, two sessions are planned:

20th September 2023 (12:00 - 13:30) - Recording (Media Hopper)

21st February 2024 - Booking Link:

Exemplars of submissions

PTAS Regular Grants exemplars

Chapman et al submission (PDF)

Quinn et al submission (PDF)

Sowa et al submission (PDF)

How to submit your completed application

Format: You are required to submit one electronic PDF copy of your completed application.

Deadline time: The submission deadline is by 23:59 PM GMT on the date of submission; late submissions will not be considered.

Application signatures: The submissions require signatures and all those required should be on the submitted application. Italicised fonts are not recognised as a signature for this purpose.

Who to submit to: The submissions should be made via email through this generic email address: 


If you have any questions about PTAS, please contact

If you would like advice on preparing your application, please either sign up to a workshop or contact Dr Neil Lent:

Dr Neil Lent

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