Developing a disability studies module in the School of Health in Social Science

Developing a disability studies module in the School of Health in Social Science.

School: History, Classics and Archaeology

Team Members:  Ellen Blunsdon, Alette Willis, Mia Davies


This project will use student-led research to develop a proposal for a Disability Studies module as an option course for the MA in Health, Science and Society open to honours students across the University. We will hire a self-identifying intern to consult with groups of self-identifying disabled students at the University and their allies to ask important questions about the accessibility of normative teaching methods, what they would like to see in a disability studies module and to research and compile relevant, up-to-date and engaging course materials, with a particular focus on developing a diverse range of authors and materials. Through this student-led, student-engaged process, this project will promote both student-directed learning and innovative teaching methods.  

This project will demonstrate the commitment the University of Edinburgh has to uplifting the voices of marginalised students, tackling ableism in academia and including a diverse range of subject areas on the curriculum. It will also present the University as a sector-leader in this area by valuing the field of Disability Studies as an area worthy of academic interest. The effects of being the only university in Scotland to offer a module of this type have the potential to ripple throughout the national academic community. The project will also support the University's efforts to focus on widening participation by encouraging the active participation and engagement of incoming disabled students while supporting disabled students who are already at the University to achieve academic success.

Final project report

Download the final project report (PDF)