Successful female careers

Information for research staff societies looking to run activities and events.

It may be that you are interested in running events related to showcasing female careers and/or managing work life balance. If you are interested in running an event in your society that focuses on this, it could take the form of:

Invited speakers

  • Talk from a senior female academic at the University about their insights into establishing a successful academic career; giving an overview of what the main challenges were at the different stages of their career, how they balanced the day-to-day work with their longer term career aspirations.
  • Talk from a female/male academic about how to achieve the best work/life balance and maternity/paternity issues.
  • Talk from Daphne Jackson or Dorothy Hodgkin fellowships holders about taking career break, returning to work and why they applied to the fellowship -

Mentoring and coaching events

  • The IAD, and Talent and Development, run a mentoring scheme – Mentoring Connections – where you can request a mentor, and specifically a female mentor. Both IAD and T&D are happy to come and speak at any society event about mentoring.

  • Equate Scotland deliver training and support for women, they offer career-focused events through interconnect for female students, helping them make links with industry and other female professionals and provide coaching and mentoring support and advice.


  • Career-related events
  • Networking events for female academics.
  • Events around work-life balance; maternity/paternity entitlements and part-time/flexible working

More information

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