The development of an anatomy bodypainting workbook

Creating opportunities for students through the development of an anatomy bodypainting workbook

Team Members: Jenna Langschmidt, Julian Camilleri-Brennan


Throughout history the teaching of human anatomy has involved the use of art. Despite the plethora of anatomy textbooks and online resources there are no anatomy bodypainting workbooks. The creative use of body painting was recently introduced to the University of Edinburgh through the ‘Art and Anatomy’ project which proved to be a great success and was hugely popular with students and the wider public. Unfortunately the above project involves workshops which many students are unable to attend.

 In an effort to continue a sustainable, practical and not to mention affordable form of art and anatomy teaching, the Dead Anatomist Society (consisting of 35 medical students and a Teaching Fellow), are compiling a workbook with step by step guides on how to do body painting.  Our book would mean that those who cannot attend the art and anatomy workshops are not disadvantaged.

Final project report

Download the final project report (PDF)