What does good teaching look like to students?

What does good teaching look like to students? An analysis of EUSA Teaching Awards nomination data

Team Members:  Tanya Lubicz-Nawrocka, Imogen Wilson, Adam Bunni, Patrick Garratt, Paul Bradley


Background: Via the annual Teaching Awards, EUSA has collected a wealth of qualitative data about students’ views and experiences of the teaching they receive which has so far only been used to identify and recognise the efforts of a few outstanding teachers in the University who are shortlisted for the Awards and lengthy reports including all nominations are sent to Heads of School.

Aims: However, our aim is to increase staff engagement with the best practices in teaching which have been highlighted by students in their Teaching Awards nominations.

Methodology: Therefore, this PTAS application is to acquire funding which would help us hire a research assistant to carry out detailed analysis of more than 2,900 Teaching Awards nominations submitted in the 2014-15 academic year that can help EUSA and members of the University to a) identify best practices in teaching and b) better understand how students feel about the teaching they receive. We aim to answer the central research question: ‘What do students believe good teaching looks like?’ By answering this research question and disseminating the findings, we aim to contribute valuable results which will help EUSA and staff at all levels of the University to understand what students perceive as excellent teaching.

Final Project Report

Download the final short project report (PDF)

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