Ways of thinking & practising

Ways of thinking and practising in Chinese and Japanese studies.

Principal applicant: Dr Chris Perkins

Team member: Dr Daniel Hammond


Research into higher education highlights the importance of understanding ways of thinking and practising (WTP) associated with particular disciplinary areas. However, Chinese and Japanese studies are inherently interdisciplinary subject areas that evolve in tandem with the social, political and economic fortunes of both their objects of analysis and the institutional settings in which they are conducted. These fields are ambiguous and diffuse, without the particular sets of well-defined methods, theories and questions found in other disciplines. They are also subjects that make many demands of students in terms of language skills and breadth of academic engagement. For these reasons, and given China’s rise and Japan’s relative decline in international status, it is important to understand the processes involved in thinking and practising Chinese and Japanese Studies.

This project is an investigation into university pedagogy with potential to enhance teaching practices at the UoE, and an investigation into the construction of China and Japan as objects of academic knowledge. It is also a long-term project that can be scaled to national (UK) and international levels of analysis.

Final Report

The Final Report for this PTAS project may be downloaded from the link below.