Empowering postgraduate students in history to become better teachers

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn'. Empowering postgraduate students in history to become better teachers

Team Members: Catriona Ellis, Emma Hunter, Esther Mijers, Karen Howie, Stephen McDowall, Jane O'Neill, Amy Burge


Background: The project, run by a current postgraduate, aims to develop a web-based resource on Learn for postgraduate students based on best practice of tenured staff within the History Department.

Aims: The focus will be the development of resources which encourage postgraduates starting their teaching career to think about both the theory and practice of their role as teachers of History rather than merely focussing on the content of teaching. Current training for postgraduate tutors is limited, and the Learn site would address a significant gap in current provision.

Methodology: The project will be based on consultation with undergraduate and postgraduate students, and use a variety of innovative teaching methods, including power-point, bibliographies of relevant resources and podcast mini presentations from academics, drawing extensively on existing experience. It will address student concerns around traditional teaching methods such as tutorials and lectures, while also encouraging innovative learning practices such as the use of the built environment of Edinburgh as a teaching tool.  Ultimately, the Learn site should provide an easily accessible tool to empower postgraduates to think about and develop their personal teaching style specifically within the context of teaching History, while enhancing the learning experience for students in pre-honours courses.

Final Report

Final Report may be downloaded from here.

Other Project Outcomes