New book - Co-creating Learning and Teaching

A new book published by IAD's Dr Catherine Bovill.

Co-creating Learning and Teaching: Towards Relational Pedagogy in Higher Education

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Author: Dr Catherine Bovill, Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh

Co-creation of learning and teaching, where students and staff collaborate to design curricula or elements of curricula, is an important pedagogical idea within higher education, key to meaningful learner engagement and building positive student-staff relationships.

Drawing on literature from schools’ education, and using a range of examples from universities worldwide, this book highlights the benefits of classroom-level, relational, dialogic pedagogy and co-creation. It includes a focus on the classroom as the site of co-creation, examples of practice and practical guidance, and a unique perspective in bringing together the concept of co-creation with relational pedagogy within higher education learning and teaching.

The book is part of the Critical Practice in Higher Education series, which provides a scholarly and practical entry point for academics into key areas of higher education practice. Each book in the series explores an individual topic in depth, providing an overview in relation to current thinking and practice, informed by recent research.


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I felt drawn to write this book because there is increasing interest in the role played by both co-creation of learning and teaching, and student-staff relationships, in positive outcomes for students at university. And yet the literature on co-creation and relationships is rarely brought together. When I was invited to write the book by the series editors, I was attracted to the short concise introductory format they were looking for, which emphasises to readers the importance of critically reflecting on their practice.

Dr Catherine Bovill
Senior Lecturer Student Engagement

Prof Catherine Bovill

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