Co-development of a flipped classroom strategy

Students as partners: Co-development of a flipped classroom strategy for the BVM&S curriculum.

Team members: Sally Argyle, Caroline Hahn, Eoghan Clarkson, Jessie Paterson, Susan Rhind


The basic model of the ‘Flipped Classroom’ where students view on-line material as preparation for interactive facilitated sessions is compelling. This approach has been gaining popularity in recent years and we have piloted the use of the flipped classroom in several courses in session 2013-14.

As part of our ongoing strategy to continue to develop and employ the flipped classroom approach across our curriculum, we recognise that in fact it is the students that are best placed to inform us about how to best to design a flipped classroom approach. We therefore aim to use the threshold concepts model to learn from students which are the challenging areas which demand more effort to grasp and once mastered can make a real difference to their subsequent understanding and development within 2 distinct subject areas in the veterinary curriculum.

Using this data, we will then specifically engage 2 summer students in the process of generating resources for other students and evaluation of these resources once deployed.

Our hypothesis is that there will be additional value added in students hearing the authentic student voice explaining and developing how they have come to grasp a difficult concept. We will explore the student experience with this approach using quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

Final Project Report

You can download the final project report below:

Argyle et al PTAS final report 4 Nov 2015(PDF)

Other Project Outcomes:

PTAS presentation 2015 June SAA (PDF)

Vet Ed e-resource abstract (PDF)

Vet Ed e-resource poster (PDF)