Decolonising the Business School Curriculum

Decolonising the Business School Curriculum

School:  Edinburgh Business School

Team Members: Rashné Limki


The aim of this project is to interrogate how the Business and Management (B&M) curriculum may be decolonised. There is a growing recognition in the field of B&M of the need to decolonise and an emergent practice around this imperative. However, this work does not always follow substantively from the tradition of anti-colonial and decolonial thought – so that efforts to decolonise are often amorphous and risk being conflated with diversity/diversification. Through this project, I hope to better outline what “decolonisation” can mean in the context of a Business School and how the project may be implemented across its varied fields of study. In order to do so, I am interested in collaborating with PhD researchers to (a) undertake a close study of the tradition of decolonial thought; and (b) imagine a pedagogical practice that brings this tradition into a transformative – or decolonising – relationship with the Business and Management (B&M) curriculum.

The project thus also seeks provide PhD researchers an opportunity for professional development – in terms of curricular development and planning – and to apply their knowledge and understanding of varied fields within the Business curriculum – such as Management and Organisation Studies, Marketing, Innovation and Accounting and Finance – to contribute to the Business School’s decolonisation agenda.

Final project report

Download the final project report (PDF)