Providing keywords and formulae

4. Key words and formulae to be provided to students at least 24 hours before the class.

Can I simply include these in the lecture outline?

Yes, of course. But, if this isn’t possible a separate hand-out detailing key terms and formulae should be provided. A glossary of technical terms (where relevant) is a useful appendix to a lecture outline or PowerPoint slides.

Where should they be made available?

In the first instance on the course’s Virtual Learning Environment (e.g. LEARN or MOODLE), however if this is not possible the class should be informed of where they can find the information.

How will this benefit students?

This will enable students to fully understand their teaching and facilitate their participation. It will provide students with an opportunity to prepare in advance of the lecture and to bring any questions to the lecture that they may have about the material.

How will this benefit staff?

It will promote increased participation in class. It will enable students to come to class with questions.