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Resources and courses for online assessment.

Core reading

The University College London guide to designing effective online assessment gives some further assessment types and additional rationale behind their use. Recommended. 

UCL - Designing effective online assessment guide

Articles and blogs about assessments and cheating

Bretag T, et al. 2019. Contract cheating and assessment design: exploring the relationship' Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 44:676–691

Harper R, et al. 2020. Detecting contract cheating: examining the role of assessment type. Higher Education Research and Development, online, pp. 1-16.

Tim Fawns and Jen Ross 2020 – Alternatives to exams. Edinburgh Teaching Matters Blog. 

Velda McCune 2020 – Assessment and teaching feedback in the context of hybrid learning environments. Edinburgh Teaching Matters Blog.

Jenny Scoles 2020 – Sharing good practice in alternative assessment. Edinburgh Teaching Matters Blog.

Edinburgh courses and training

We will add links to any relevant courses and training options as they become available.

Related links

Information Services can support a range of different assessment types including essay/report assignment submission, objective tests, and reflective assignment types.

Information Services - Assessment and Feedback tools to use within Learning and Teaching