Career management

Career planning guidance, including: career management workshops, career path case studies, Thriving in Your Research Position guide, and mentoring.

Our workshops for University of Edinburgh research staff which are on the theme of: Career management. Information on how to locate and book them in the People and Money Learning App.

June is Careers Month. It will include weekly briefing sessions, quick career queries, and careers-focussed blog posts.

A research staff career development consultation is a one-to-one appointment with a professional careers adviser.

A series of miniature workshops aimed at success in the job market

Managing your career is much more than making an effective transition from one job to the next.

Tools to help you think about what skills are important to your current job, and which ones you think you need to develop further to progress your career.

Resources you may find helpful in relation to planning your career.

Mentoring resources for researchers and the University's mentoring programme Mentoring Connections.

Understanding how other researchers have developed their careers may inform the planning of your own career goals.

Being a Researcher in Edinburgh: Thriving in your Research Position. An extensive PDF guide and activity sheets to download.

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is a national framework developed for researchers, which aims to help you understand the knowledge, behaviours and attitudes expected of effective and highly skilled researchers.

Information and guidance on Narrative CVs, as well as steps to take to make your own Narrative CV.

Advice to help you plan actions to gain experience and insights into new career areas.