German in the workplace

German in the workplace: boosting employability and language skills.

Principal applicant: Annette Gotzkes

Team members:

  • Professor Peter Davies
  • Dr Eleoma Joshua
  • Dr Laura Bradley
  • Dr Mary Cosgrove
  • Dr Frauke Matthes
  • Dr Sabine Rolle


This project will offer first-year students an opportunity to interview leading professionals in the private and public sectors who are native German speakers and work in Edinburgh, allowing them to practise their spoken and written German in a natural, realistic context. Besides developing their communication skills, it will provide them with valuable insights into the workplace, broaden their career options, and enhance their cultural awareness. It thus addresses two key concerns in student feedback: spoken language skills and graduate employability. Linguists have an open career path, and this project will help students to explore employment options and develop transferable skills. It will also extend the links between the University and the German-speaking community.

Final Project Report

You can download the final project report below: