Student engagement

IAD are supporting a range of initiatives designed to support student engagement.

Student engagement is a complex term often used in the UK to refer to both governance (student representation and institutional engagement) and pedagogy (learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum) (Buckley, 2014). All of these forms of student engagement are important to us at the University of Edinburgh. In learning and teaching, student engagement is both a route to success and an outcome of excellent teaching.

Student engagement is also a shared responsibility - helpfully captured by Bryson (2014) in his distinction between engaging students (what staff and institutions do to engage students ) and students engaging (what students do, such as the effort they spend studying, their motivation and involvement).

About the Student Partnership Agreement at the University of Edinburgh.

Student engagement practical guides, and a guide to scaling up student-staff partnerships in higher education.

A scheme piloted in 2018 to match up one staff member and three students from the same School to go for free coffee and cake.

The engage network for staff and students, plus links to relevant events and workshops.