Humanities & Social Science

Projects from the College of Humanities and Social Science, listed by the School of the lead applicant.

Business School

School of Divinity


No current projects

Edinburgh College of Art

English Language Education (formerly English Language Teaching Centre)

Health in Social Science

Humanising an asynchronous online course - could Jelly Babies be the answer?

Innovations in (online) reflexive practice: linking theory with technique within the virtual learning environment

From periphery to core: personal tutoring in transition

Third space: evaluating a pilot

Developing doctoral students as (collaborative) writers

On-line training of Clinical Psychology post-graduates in good clinical practice research principles

A qualitative exploration of the effectiveness of interdisciplinary simulated learning in the acquisition of clinical skills and students' decision making: toward the development of an embedded clinical skills joint interdisciplinary learning and curricula approach.

Understanding the learning experience from voluntary work

Exploring the attitudes and learning needs of student nurses in relation to care home nursing

Personal Values in Postgraduate University Student Engagement: a Creative Participatory Action Research Project

Paws on Campus: A Feasibility and Acceptability Study of a Canine-assisted Intervention for Student Wellbeing

History, Classics and Archaeology

Institute for Academic Development


No recent projects

Literatures, Languages & Cultures

Moray House School of Education and Sport

A longitudinal study investigating student perspectives on generic research methods courses

Transitions between academic cultures: developing culture specific understandings of critical reading among higher degree students

Dissertations at a distance - success for online distance learners at independent research stage

How do students and staff view assessment: 'Of', 'In' or 'As' learning?

"A live pulse": Yik Yak for understanding teaching, learning and assessment at Edinburgh

Physical activity in medical education: a flipped classroom approach

Enhancing assessment literacy amongst PGT students and scorer reliability amongst PGT staff

Asking the right question

A curriculum for climate justice: a collaborative investigation of the challenges and opportunities for climate change education through a social justice lens

Lecture Recording for Inclusive Education

Using Media Hopper to enhance peer-teaching and develop Professional Judgement and Decision Making Expertise in Student Physical Education Teachers

Mentoring for success: Co-producing a meaningful workplace mentoring scheme with students and employers

Empowering student teachers to improve classroom practice using the Lesson Study model: teacher research for the next generation?

Keeping the Door Open: Curating, developing and evolving Edinburgh University teaching in spaces and places within the city and beyond.

Developing a framework for inclusiveness in internationalisation.

Critical Thinking Retreat: Using situated simulations to develop researcher positioning in master’s students

An exploratory project: Enhancing students' experience through co-constructing academic community

Living and Studying at Home: Commuter Students in the Aftermath of the Pandemic

Making connections to the ‘real’ world: further developing teacher vision in Initial Teacher Education

Crossing the Line: Developing an Interdisciplinary Toolkit for Higher Education

Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science

Social and Political Science

Critical skills in politics and international relations

Exploring online distance learning: interdisciplinary collaboration and student experiences in international development studies

Social Media: enhancing teaching & building community?

The English Bonus? Assessing the impact of non-credit English and academic writing

Theory on stage

Implementing lessons learned on embedded study skills provision for first year undergraduate students of Politics & International Relations

'From the door of our tent' :  an online journal of creative and contemporary ethnographic work composed and curated by undergraduate students of the University of Edinburgh

Making students curious: using an app-based walking tour as a pedagogical tool

Using lecture capture effectively for online learning

Assessing the effectiveness of e-portfolios in developing awareness of graduate attributes

Student-led portfolio assessment in a large pre-honours cross-university elective

Exploring online learning as an avenue for equity and decolonial praxis amid the COVID crisis: re-imagining Africa-UK connections and international development curricula

Co-creating curriculum through the course Understanding Gender in the Contemporary World

Recreating the BBC class calculator: A project in open science pedagogy

Marking matters: An enhancement-oriented investigation of marking trends and practices in the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh