Teaching for critical thinking in business

Teaching for critical thinking in business: developing the active teacher to support student critical thinking

Team Members:  Sarah Ivory, Andrea English, Mary Bovill, Diana Murdoch

School: Edinburgh Business School


This project investigates teachers’ experiences of developing active teaching approaches through critical reflection on practice aimed at supporting students’ critical thinking on a new compulsory course for first year undergraduates studying for a Business Degree. The project expands on a new innovative compulsory course, “Global Challenges in Business”—aimed explicitly at teaching undergraduate  students critical thinking in business (beginning Fall 2017). The specific aims of this project are (i) to build capacity within UEBS for teachers skilled in active teaching, (ii) to make research-led improvements to the course using teacher and student experience data, (iii) to inform school and university professional development offerings including contributing to IAD’s new elective course ‘Researching your Teaching’.

The broader aim is to develop a research-led ‘Collaborative Professional Development Model for Teaching CT’ which will be contribute to the academic field of education and can be leveraged to impact teaching of CT throughout the university.

Final report

Download the final report (PDF)