Remit and role

Who we are, what we do and how we work.

IAD remit

To provide University level support for teaching, learning and researcher development; through leadership, innovation, collaboration and direct provision that benefits students, staff and the University’s international reputation.

This remit includes a mixture of direct support for students and staff (e.g. workshops, online resources, networks and advice), much of it delivered in partnership with Schools and other Services, alongside support for curriculum innovation and enhancement.

Overall priorities and plans

Three key principles underpin IAD planning and priority setting. These are to focus on supporting University and College strategic priorities, to work closely and collaboratively with Schools and support services (including EUSA), and to consider the full continuum of academic development requirements (making connections where possible between our support for undergraduate and postgraduate students, early career researchers, academic and teaching staff). We also have a clear focus on increasing engagement with IAD support (e.g. increasing participation in IAD events and courses by staff and students) and deepening the impact of this support locally, within Schools and programmes.

With ~45 full- and part-time staff, a very broad remit and need to provide support that is responsive to disciplinary as well as individual requirements, we have focussed on developing four key elements of support for most IAD audiences and areas:

  • Online resources, guides and information (including material that can be downloaded and adapted to meet local needs) – available on-demand at any time (24/7).
  • Core provision, including workshops, courses (online and face to face), 1:1 advice, networks and funding schemes. These activities are planned well in advance for each audience, scheduled across the University throughout the academic year and open to all.
  • Tailored bespoke support. Through devolved funding, consultancy style support, collaborative provision and secondments we are able to offer Schools and programmes support that is tailored to their specific requirements. In offering this support we work in a focussed way for a fixed time to achieve a substantive enhancement locally before moving on to work with new programmes and Schools.
  • Catalyst, enabler of local enhancement and innovation. Through schemes like PTAS and secondments, support for networks and communities of practice, case study databases and funding schemes we provide a wide range of opportunities for staff and students to share practice and undertake their own innovation and enhancement activities.

For further information on specific IAD projects and activities and an overview of recent work please visit:

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