Students-staff partnership in Biomedical Sciences 2

Students - staff partnership in Biomedical Sciences 2: Development of digital educational resources for year 2 undergraduate students.

School:  Edinburgh Medical School (Biomedical Sciences)

Team Members: Celine Caquineau, Dimitra Anglou, VP (name protected), Sabrina Shafiq


Biomedical Sciences 2 (BMS2) is a large year 2 undergraduate course which aims to provide fundamental knowledge in all key biomedical sciences disciplines. Ensuring a positive learning experience for all students is challenging as the students’ cohort is very diverse in previous academic experiences, skills, abilities and aspirations.

This pilot project aims to initiate the development of engaging educational resources to enhance the student learning experience in 3 distinct learning activities: i) Students’ preparation to practical classes; ii) Students’ understanding of complex principles covered in lectures and iii) Students’ understanding of the expectations of the subsequent Honours years. The course organiser and undergraduate students currently enrolled in the course, will work as partners to design and produce digital resources aimed at BMS2 students.

The project will evaluate the use of these resources to gain further insights on their benefit on the students learning experience. This pilot project will also be an exciting and unique learning experience for the project team. Both staff and students will reflect on their experience of working in partnership and share insights on challenges met and on the personal and professional development gained, in hope to encourage further staff-students collaboration within the deanery and beyond.

Final Project Report

Download the final project report now (PDF)