Psychology research with young people

Discovering development: Psychology research with children and young people.

Principal applicant: Dr Emily Taylor

Team members:

  • Mr Tim Fawns
  • Dr Jo Williams
  • Dr Nuno Ferreira


This project involves the development of a set of resources and learning activities that will contribute to a series of courses in psychological research methods and statistics. Initially the courses will be designed for postgraduate students across Masters-level programmes in the Section of Clinical Psychology, School of Health in Social Science initially. ln the longer term the resources will have utility across Doctoral programmes in the Section, and be applicable to other subject areas in the School and University including Nursing, Education, Social Work, Psychology and Medicine.

Currently, MSc level research and statistics teaching in Clinical Psychology is delivered through a series of ad hoc classroom-based tutorials and online reading. Students join the programmes with varying levels of pre-existing research knowledge and experience, and will need knowledge of different aspects of research methods and statistics at different points in their education. This presents challenges for creating a standardized package of teaching.

The priority for this bid is to development and pilot of a set of interactive online tools that will provide high quality training to students in psychological research methods. The aim is to produce resources that make the topic of research methods accessible and engaging to students, facilitate optimal learning, and which can be delivered and maintained efficiently by teaching staff.

The development of the resources will make reference to existing related endeavours elsewhere in the university. A student feedback and evaluation system will be created to not only to assess the learning outcomes but also be build into the development of the resources.

Final Report

Final Report may be downloaded using link below: