Online & distance learning

Links to Principal's Teaching Award Scheme project abstracts and reports on the theme of online and distance learning.


PeerWisdom: Evaluating and boosting biology student benefits from the PeerWise online learning tool

Lecturer in your lounge: providing digital feedback to distance education students using screencasting

Leveraging digital technologies to enhance feedback, Part 2: bootstrapping blogs for peer review on written work

Websites and the creation of community: flexible learning for second year English Literature students

Discovering development: Psychology research with children and young people

Guiding, monitoring and enhancing autonomous postgraduate learning abroad with virtual learning environments

Exploring online distance learning: interdisciplinary collaboration and student experiences in international development studies

Digital detectives

Interactive e-books for … Engineers

Humanising an asynchronous online course - could Jelly Babies be the answer?

Social Media: enhancing teaching & building community?

Innovations in (online) reflexive practice: linking theory with technique within the virtual learning environment

Growing and Sustaining an Online Community: Flexible learning, Experience and Teaching for English Literature Students and Beyond

Students as partners: Co-development of a flipped classroom strategy for the BVM&S curriculum

Managing your digital footprint (research strand)

The role of tactical decision games (TDGs) as a novel method of teaching non-technical skills (NTS) to final year medical students

A curly arrows app for Chemistry?

Dissertations at a distance - success for online distance learners at independent research stage

Third space: evaluating a pilot

On-line training of Clinical Psychology post-graduates in good clinical practice research principles

Peer assessing laboratory skills

"A live pulse": Yik Yak for understanding teaching, learning and assessment at Edinburgh

Physical activity in medical education: a flipped classroom approach

Every student a researcher: supporting the use of blogging as a form of student assessment

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn'.  Empowering postgraduate students in history to become better teachers

'From the door of our tent' :  an online journal of creative and contemporary ethnographic work composed and curated by undergraduate students of the University of Edinburgh

Exploring flexible modes of online education

ShinyStats: A new interactive and engaging statistics training application to complement existing resources


Developing a framework for research-led virtual field trips: Physical and social issues of the natural hazards of Ecuador

Using Media Hopper to enhance peer-teaching and develop Professional Judgement and Decision Making Expertise in Student Physical Education Teachers

How can supplementary audio recordings (podcasts) enhance the online distance learning experience

Using lecture capture effectively for online learning

Classroom practices and lecture recording

Learning glass: evaluating its use by teachers and students for enhancing learning experience.

Predicting academic attainment in case-based discussion board assessments

J-YAP Inter-University Support Project

Exploring online learning as an avenue for equity and decolonial praxis amid the COVID crisis: re-imagining Africa-UK connections and international development curricula

Developing digital and hybrid mathematics support for long-term improvements in quality and accessibility

Critical Thinking Retreat: Using situated simulations to develop researcher positioning in master’s students