Slides - afternoon sessions

Copies of slides from Sessions Three, Four and Five.

Slides from Session Three

3A - McAndrew - Wikimedia in the Classroom – how students are making links with learning, and linked data, to help shape the open web. (PDF)

3A - Swanton et al -  What’s a zine? Reflections on using zines as an assessment (PDF)

3B - Gallagher et al - Expanding the “teacher function”: speculative work on virtual assistants (bots) in digital education (PDF)

3C - Banas et al - “You’re one of us now, you can do this!” Exploring belonging, wellbeing and academic success among students in Psychology and Veterinary Medicine (PDF)

3C - Fletcher-Watson and Jenkins - Effective support and understanding for autistic students (PDF)

3D - Treanor - Students as Consultants, Academics as Clients: A Pilot Project to Enhance Teaching (PDF) - slides to follow

3E - Carver and Kennedy - How to measure quality in professional learning: insights from the Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education project (PDF)

3F - Paterson et al - Vets at Play (learning how to deal with failure) (PDF)

Slides from Session Four

4A - Blaney - Supporting large student cohorts with timely and personalised feedback (PDF)

4A - Stevenson - Mighty Moderation (PDF)

4B - Cavanagh - An online assessment tool for human marking of extended answer examinations – ExamOnline (PDF)

4B - Hopgood and Lawrenson - Enhancing Information Retrieval from Lecture Recordings (PDF)

4C - Lent and Loads - Evidence for enhancement: making evaluation meaningful (PDF)

4D - O'Donoghue et al - Experiential Learning for Researcher Development: Working with Diverse Partners in a Doctoral Integrated Study Programme. Slides to follow.

4E / 5E - Slack and Tullo - ProgTeach – A community event based around introducing computational and programming concepts in teaching (PDF)

4F / 5F - Kadar-Satat and Marshall - Q-Step data-driven undergraduate placements - challenges and achievements (PDF)

4G / 5G - Haldane and Davies - Developing inclusivity in the International Foundation Programme: Course design in response to diversity. (PDF)

4H / 5H - Boyd and Roe - Building the University Community by Appreciating the More-Than-Human Campus (PDF) - slides to follow

Slides from Session Five

5A - Knox et al -  Is Learning and Teaching terminology a barrier to engagement? (PDF)

5B - Bak et al - Engaging students and engaging the general public: two sides of the same coin? (PDF)

5C - Donnelly - Students as Change Agents - a challenge-led approach to experiential learning (PDF)

5C - Brown and Doig - Coaching for Development: A joint pilot for peer-to-peer coaching in the School of Social and Political Science and the Business School (PDF)

5D - Murzyn - Blended learning in practice – “Psychology in Action” case study (PDF)

5D - Fisher - Examining and Invigilating Distance & Online Courses using QuestionMark Perception and ProctorU (PDF)