Teach learn replay

Teach learn replay.

School: School of Engineering  (Mechanical)

Team Members: Frank Mill, Enzo Mangano, Antonis Giannopoulos, David Laurenson, James Hopgood, Nicholas Polydorides, Cinzia Pusceddu-Gangarosa


Lecture recording offers new opportunities for students to interact with material taught in a classroom setup. However, lecture-based teaching is only part of the full learning and teaching environment. It is desirable to extend these capabilities to other areas of teaching and learning outside the restricted setup of a lecture theatre, such as recording teaching laboratories, enabling student-led peer-assessment, producing bespoke videos and additional footage for existing lectures, or creating lecture previews or course summaries. It is possible to use the “personal capture facility” in Echo360 to undertake such activities, but the capability offered is restricted in terms of quality and flexibility: tethering a cheap webcam to a standard laptop isn’t always sufficient. This one-year study will:

  1. Build, from commercial-off-the-shelf devices, a flexible, portable, and high-quality recording facility that can be used by staff throughout the School of Engineering to create a variety of teaching materials;
  2. Explore the benefits of providing this facility for teaching and learning when it is used to capture a greater variety of activities the students will benefit from;
  3. Focus on recording laboratory and coursework scenarios;
  4. Measure the uptake of these additional replay opportunities for students;
  5. Produce bespoke content for a variety of course materials across the disciplines within Engineering; and
  6. Build on an existing Engineering small PTAS project investigating how material can be efficiently indexed, so that students can search material quickly.

Other project outcomes

Hopgood J and Laurenson D (17 Oct 2018) Mini-series: Recordings are only the start: Enhancing information retrieval University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog