Assessment literacy pyramid

Climbing an ALP (Assessment Literacy Pyramid): A Programme Level Approach to Developing Assessment Literacy

School:  Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Team Members: Andrew Brown, Jill Mackay, Kirsty Hughes, Caroline Mosley, Sharon Boyd, Susan Rhind


Assessment literacy is an increasingly used term in higher education encompassing the range of knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to understand both the purpose and process of assessment. In this project, we seek to build on our earlier work looking at the development of assessment literacy in veterinary students in relation to written work. Through development of an ‘Assessment Literacy Pyramid’ model, we will explore student experiences as assessors in the context of practical, clinical and professional skills development. In doing so, we aim to build a programmatic approach to assessment literacy and explore, with students playing a central role, the implementation of the model from start to finish of our veterinary degree programme.

Through the research described in our study we will also develop resources to support future students in developing their skills as assessors. Whilst by necessity embedded in the context of veterinary medicine, the ALP model lends itself to all disciplines engaged with a graduate attributes approach to their course and programme design.

Final Project Report

Download the final project report (PDF)