Empowering student teachers to improve classroom practice using the Lesson Study model

Empowering student teachers to improve classroom practice using the Lesson Study model: teacher research for the next generation?

School: Moray House School of Education and Sport

Team Members: Paul McMillan, Mike Jess, Mary Bovill, Murray Craig, Wilma Irvine, Andrew Horrell


Teacher inquiry has become part of the educational landscape globally and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) has been tasked as a key site for its development. To combat the lack of robust frameworks, and limitations with existing approaches, this project employs the Lesson Study model with student teachers as a more collaborative and data-driven approach to fostering teacher inquiry in ITE.

A crucial objective will be to liaise with current MA Physical Education and PGDE Secondary students in the Moray House School of Education and Sport. While Lesson Study has much potential, there is a tendency for novices to focus on the technical aspects of teaching during different stages of the process. Therefore, this project aims to develop a resource geared towards supporting students and teacher educators to sharpen the inquiry process in ITE and access more critical priorities for teaching and learning. An A5 resource pack, with five hard-wearing cards for each stage of the Lesson Study cycle, will be an artefact from this project that hones the inquiry skills of students to improve classroom practices for school placements and beyond.

The ambition is that this project creates a resource that remains central to the long-term development of teacher inquiry at the Moray House School of Education and Sport, other ITE providers in Scotland, and across subject areas in the University more generally where student learning (i.e. in law, medicine, and politics) requires the planning and execution of professional public performances.

Final report

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Other Project Outcomes

PEM Lesson Study Summer 2021