Slides - morning sessions

Copies of slides from Session One and Session Two.

Slides from Session One

1A - Higgins and Chmielewski - Feedback on feedback. I’ll give you your grade when you give me feedback on my feedback! (PDF) - slides to follow

1B - Hoeve - Teaching through discussion - active learning approaches of the Tissue Repair PhD Programme (PDF)

1B - Roscoe and Munro - Designing for reflective and critical learners (PDF)

1C - Scoles et al -  What is a lecture for? A university panel debate (PDF)

1D - Gordon and Kelly -  University of Edinburgh’s signing of the Technician Commitment – the impact for all. (PDF)

1D - Forrester and Lee - Teaching Observation and Feedback in Medical Education: what is the value? (PDF)

1E - Jeffery et al - Promoting inclusiveness, equality and diversity in the curriculum (PDF)

1F - Mann and Thomas - “I was left confused more than anything.” (PDF)

1F - Christie and Morris - Finding your own voice: stylish academic writing and preparing for graduate employment. (PDF)

1G - Bak et al - Joys, opportunities and challenges of learning and teaching at a global University (PDF) - slides to follow

Slides from Session Two

2A - Loads - Arts-enriched evidence for learning and teaching (PDF)

2B - Valentine - Supporting students to articulate the value of postgraduate study (PDF)

2B - Cochran et al - An Introduction to the Insights Programme (PDF)

2D - Smith - Learning on the go: voluntary work and reflective study (PDF)

2F - McIntosh and Della Sala -  “Colourful wishes”: the need for research-led practice extends to adjustment schedules (PDF)