Peer-led PhD training workshops

Theory and textual practices: a series of peer-led training workshops for literature PhD students in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Team Members: Bob Irvine, Muireann Crowley, Yanbing Er


This project seeks to enhance research methods and theories training provision in the Graduate School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) by engaging PhD students as co-creators of a series of content-based research methods workshops for lower-year PhD students specialising in literary topics. It is a student-centred and a student-informed project which allows postgraduate researchers to discuss and nominate topics for their own academic and professional training.

Recent PTAS-funded projects such as “Co-development of a flipped classroom strategy” and “Doctoral students as (collaborative) writers” have foregrounded the importance of students as co-creators of learning and teaching in the university. The latter project also points, in particular, toward the need for discipline-specific training and development opportunities for students throughout their doctoral research. As the PTAS project “Student perspectives: generic research methods” has also indicated, there are necessarily limitations on the relevance of generic research methods training courses for a diverse postgraduate cohort.

This ‘Theory and Textual Practices’ project will assist LLC doctoral researchers working on literary topics to develop the theoretical basis for their research methodologies. This project seeks to build upon the work accomplished by these recent PTAS-supported endeavours in co-creation to explore how and in what manner doctoral students can contribute to the pedagogical design and delivery of research methods and practices training within LLC.

Final Report

You can download the final project report below:

Final Report (PDF)

Other Outcomes: