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Student engagement practical guides, and a guide to scaling up student-staff partnerships in higher education.

Student Engagement – Practical Guides

We have created some practical guides to student engagement containing lots of examples and ideas for enhancing practice and aimed specifically at academic staff.

EngagEd in... Community Building (PDF) - download now

EngagEd in... Research-led Learning and Teaching (PDF) - download now 

EngagEd in... Learning and Teaching Conversations (PDF) - download now

EngagEd in... Feedback and Assessment (PDF) - download now

EngagEd in... Teaching with Lecture Recording (PDF) - download now

Other guides are planned and if you have ideas for topics on student engagement that would be helpful, please contact Catherine Bovill (contact details below).

Practical guide: scaling up student-staff partnerships in higher education

Student-staff partnerships are a focus within many higher education institutions internationally, as the value of student agency for enhancing learning and wider university cultures is increasingly recognised.

Although there are many student-staff partnership schemes in the UK and further afield, there is little evidence-based guidance available to those wishing to establish or sustain an institutional partnership scheme.

This practical guide is designed to support individuals, teams, or institutions in scaling up student-staff partnership.

The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Walk you through the multiple stages of scaling up partnership from beginning to end.
  • Anticipate and answer the kinds of questions you might have as you progress through this process.
  • Outline potential challenges and how to prevent or overcome them.
  • Encourage you to establish partnership values early to ensure that your process of scalingup partnership aligns with an ethos of partnership itself.

The questions, suggestions, and recommendations in the guide are based on research that examined 11 institutional-level project-based partnership schemes at 11 higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. This data is supplemented by the authors’ experiences in designing and running project-based partnership schemes as well as by partnership research and practice in international contexts.

Scaling up student-staff partnerships in higher education (PDF)


If you are interested in student engagement or have any questions, please contact Dr Catherine Bovill:

Prof Catherine Bovill

Personal Chair of Student Engagement in Higher Education

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