Career development consultation

A research staff career development consultation is a one-to-one appointment with a professional careers adviser.

You can have as many consultations as you need and they are available all year round. 

One to one specialist advice

You can use this 45-minute appointment for many purposes, including:

  • discussing your career options, pathways and planning strategies
  • practical advice on preparing a targeted CV or application form.
  • undertaking a mock job interview for an upcoming role you have applied for
  • general advice and discussion on any career issue relevant to you or your current situation

Who is eligible?

The IAD Research Staff Careers Consultant is able to provide career development support for:

  • academic research-only staff on fixed term contracts e.g. research assistants and associates, post-docs, and research fellows;
  • academic teaching staff on fixed term contracts, e.g. teaching assistants and teaching fellows.

This does not include academic staff on open-ended lecturing contracts.

Consultation appointments can help you, whatever your current stage. You may:

  • have recently joined the University.
  • be coming to the end, or potential end, of a project or contract.
  • have been here a number of years and aim to develop a long term career in the University
  • be actively looking to move in a new career direction.

How to book

Step 1:

To book a consultation appointment, please complete a career development consultation booking slot on the People and Money Learning app.

Research Staff Career Development Consultation 1:1 bookings in People and Money Learning app

Step 2: You will also need to submit any supporting documents (i.e. CVs, Job descriptions and Applications) you will receive an email explaining how to do this

Note: Advice is available via email if you have a quick query or perhaps have an approaching application deadline. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible but please be aware that the Careers Consultant works on a part-time basis so please email requests in enough time to allow us to respond (ideally 10 working days in advance of a deadline).

The process of booking an appointment is confidential.