Career planning and support

Many students undertake postgraduate study to gain specialist knowledge and give themselves a competitive edge on the job market.

You can make the most of your time here by accessing the extra careers support we offer, and develop useful contacts and networks.

University Careers Service

If you’ve invested in a postgraduate degree, make the most of that investment by getting extra help from trained careers specialists.

The Careers Service can provide:

  • one-to-one guidance interviews
  • an extensive range of information about employment sectors and organisations
  • help and advice with CVs (resumes), applications, and interviews
  • career planning materials

You can access this support for two years after graduation.

Contacts and networks

You can gather lots of useful careers information, and perhaps leads and contacts for future vacancies, by developing and using new contacts you make during your time studying here.

You may find it ueful to:

  • speak to other students on your course about the companies they have worked for, their future career plans, and their knowledge of the industries you may wish to enter.
  • speak to your course leaders; do they have contacts with employers in your chosen field? Can they tell you what careers and employers students from previous years moved into?
  • attend optional seminars, conferences, and other events in your School that may help you meet a wider range of people.
  • ask industry guest speakers on your programme for their business cards, and follow up talks with a thank-you email.