Science & Engineering

PTAS projects from the College of Science and Engineering, categorised by the School of the lead applicant.

Biological Sciences


Problem-based learning in the chemistry laboratory

Learning through experimenting: introducing problem-solving into the chemistry laboratory

A curly arrows app for Chemistry?

Peer assessing laboratory skills

Pre-laboratory peer assessed skills in inorganic chemistry and PRELAB-e (Pre-laboratory e-resources to enable student preparation of practical work)

Developing Context-Based Physical Chemistry Laboratory Investigations

Developing a pre-entry online Chemistry course for offer holders with widening participation backgrounds.

Evaluation of the innovative, interdisciplinary, experiential learning opportunities EPSRC Our Health offers for undergraduate, postgraduate and articulating students.

Evaluation of the interdisciplinary experiential learning experiences of undergraduates enrolled on the new Curriculum Transformation pilot curricular course, Sensing in the Community.



Every student a researcher: supporting the use of blogging as a form of student assessment

Experiential learning in communities: developing and testing a framework for evaluation

Coding club - a peer-to-peer learning environment to surmount statistics anxiety and code fear 

Developing a framework for research-led virtual field trips: Physical and social issues of the natural hazards of Ecuador

Enhancing student learning, overall experience, and the societal impact of student community projects by refining engagement and feedback tools for students

Learning glass: evaluating its use by teachers and students for enhancing learning experience.

Promoting support to succeed and progress, by evaluating student experiences that nurture an environment of inclusivity.

Research staff: the missing link in teaching and learning?


Exploring flexible modes of online education

Enriching recording lectures through linking and creation of rich media content

Helping students to write readable code - a peer approach using ACJ

Supporting criteria-based marking

Developing a tutoring network in Informatics for young people in schools in deprived areas

Set Them Free! Open Publishing of INF1B Course Materials


Physics & Astronomy