The Law School history wall project

Reflective practice and artefact-based learning.

Team Members :  Fiona McLachlan, John Lowrey, Richard Anderson, Lesley McAra, Lisa Kendall


Background: To develop learning and teaching through reflective practice, specifically on the potential of artefact-based learning using the University Special Collection of architectural drawings and through the making of sectional models of Old College. The project will make use of existing pedagogical structures, namely a period of embedded externality within the undergraduate MA (Hons) Architecture degree and the MA (Hons) Architectural History work placement. Although the project takes advantage of a unique situation, where the students would be developing the work in parallel with the extensive restoration and re-purposing of the Law School, the aim of the project is to develop staff and student understanding of the value of live projects within this established framework. The cross-disciplinary staff-student team will also allow different groups to be exposed to different modes of learning through making, research and the curation of drawings and models.

Aims: Successful outcomes would be:

  • the transfer of knowledge from students working directly with the artefacts to their peers and staff across the Schools of Law and Edinburgh College of Art
  • a greater understanding across other areas of the University of the potential for reflective learning through the use of the University collections
  • an academic reflection on the pedagogic value of the ESALA Projects office

A secondary outcome, not directly funded as part of this application, would be the potential to use the outputs of the project in a vertical installation within the new staircase that will be constructed during 2016/17. This would provide a long-term opportunity for further future learning using the ‘Law School wall’ as well as the general public and visitors seeking.

Final project report

Final project report (PDF)

Other project outcomes

Law School newsletter abstract Spring 2018 (PDF)