Learning in a living lab

Learning by developing in a 'living lab': development of practice and knowledge for novel interdisciplinary learning

Team members: Arno Verhoeven, James Stewart, Ewan Klein, Raluca Bunduchi, Jamie Cross


We propose developing knowledge and practice in a novel learning process and environment, focused on Learning by development, within the context of an Edinburgh Living Lab.

The Living Lab methodology is fundamentally interdisciplinary, and this is reflected in the affiliations of the applicants, who aim to develop a model sustainable inter-school learning collaborations that take students into the ‘real world’ to work in teams on issues relevant to stakeholders and citizens.

The project will also explore how this can be extended to learning in a number of areas, including in field of international development. The aim is to promote improvements in student experience and outcomes, leading to increased employability and personal development; to deepen University links to the city, and involve students more actively in their own learning. The project will build on an existing pilot Masters level course, Design for Informatics (DESI11027) (a collaboration between Informatics and ECA), involve students working on innovations that address social challenges in the city of Edinburgh, engaging with stakeholders and residents, and prototyping and evaluating ‘in the wild’.

Final project report

Download final project report (PDF)

Other project outcomes

Poster presentation at 'Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Frameworks and Practice (April 2017)

Media Hopper video (approx. 3 minute presentation)

Stewart, J (October 2018) The Living Lab: Interdisciplinary, problem-based learning in the city  Teaching Matters