Researcher development team publications and outputs

The IAD's Researcher Development team publications and outputs.

Research Articles

Philippi, Fiona (2014) Evaluating the impact of a multi-disciplinary, international course for PhD researchers. International Journal for Researcher Development. Evaluating the impact of a multi-disciplinary, international course for PhD researchers | Emerald Insight

Woollen, E., Shinton, S., & Thomas, S. (eds.). (2019) Research Collaborations: A guide for early career researchers by early career researchers.  Edinburgh Research Active link Zenodo link

Menard CB, Shinton S (2022) The career paths of researchers in long-term employment on short-term contracts: Case study from a UK university. PLoS ONE 17(9): e0274486.


Woollen, Emily (June 2019) Interdisciplinary Research - a guide for early career researchers, IAD Webpages

Menard, CB (November 2022) Long-term research staff survey: preliminary results from closed-ended questions. Research Staff Hub


Pilz, Anna (February 2023) A Comprehensive Guide to Fellowship Applications, Research Staff Hub

Blog Posts

Woollen, Emily (24 July 2018) Changing attitudes to research ethics and integrity, Teaching Matters

Woollen, Emily (16 October 2018) Thinking interdisciplinary: The value of taking yourself out of your usual context, Teaching Matters

Woollen, Emily (19 Dec 2018) Excellence in research (aka. research ethics and integrity) training, IAD4Researchers

Woollen, Emily (18 June 2020) Insider’s Guide to Vivas, IAD4Researchers

Menard, CB. (28 June 2021) New long-term research staff network, IAD4Researchers

Philippi, Fiona (29 June 2021) Learning and Development Enhancement Themes: Showcasing the Doctoral College, Teaching Matters  

Menard, CB. (23 February 2022) Redeployment register: you’ve got to be in it to win it, IAD4Researchers

Menard, CB. (4 July 2022) What’s in a name or why terms like “ECR” can be alienating, IAD4Researchers

Pilz, Anna. (29 November 2022) Overcoming Writer’s Block Through Writing Groups, IAD4Researchers

Pilz, Anna. (23 January 2023) Write On, IAD4Researchers

Pilz, Anna. (13 February 2023) Identifying Strategies to Build your Research Profile, IAD4Researchers

Pilz, Anna. (27 February 2023) Benefits of Writing Fellowship Applications, IAD4Researchers

Pilz, Anna. (8 May 2023) Talking about Researcher Realities, IAD4Researchers

Pilz, Anna. (11 July 2023) #ResearcherRealities: Inspiration & Future Directions, IAD4Researchers

Philippi, Fiona & Zhenchenko, Maryna (14 August 2023) Designing and leading a hybrid summer school in Kyiv, Teaching Matters

Video Blogs

Woollen, Emily Interdisciplinary Conversations, IAD4Researchers

  • Dr. Catherine Lyall (19 Nov 2020) 
  • Dr. Isabel Fletcher (14 Jan 2021) 
  • SHAPE-ID (30 Aug 2021) 
  • Dr. Andre Phillips (17 Nov 2021) 
  • Dr Alyssa M. Alcorn (11 Jan 2022) 

External Blogs

Hennige, Eleanor. (21 December 2022) Academic CV writing Dos & Don’ts, THE Campus blog 

Hennige, Eleanor. (11 January 2023) Practice makes perfect and other networking tips, THE Campus blog

Hennige, Eleanor. (5 January 2024) Prepare for promotion: how to develop a strategy for success, THE Campus blog


Philippi, Fiona (member of project team) (April 2018) QAA Scotland – Statement of Expectations for the support of Postgraduates who Teach


Philippi, Fiona. (16July 2021) Supervision in the Doctoral College.  Teaching Matters

Menard, CB. (1 February 2023) Research culture uncovered Season 2 Episode 12 Researchers in long-term employment on temporary contracts: the Sisyphus of academia?


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