Dr Lindsay Randall

Dr Lindsay Randall, Academic Developer - Researcher Development

Dr Lindsay Randall

Academic Developer - Researcher Development

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Role in the IAD

I am an Academic Developer on the Researcher Development team, and I am broadly responsible for our provision of supports for research staff concerning Research Ethics & Integrity as well as PhD Supervisor Supports. In this role, I develop, design, and deliver university-wide trainings, online courses, workshops, and tools to support research staff (as well as sometimes postgraduate researchers) that should enrich their skills as researchers and supervisors.

In addition, I sit on university-wide committees related to research ethics and integrity and work with colleagues across the university as well as within other Scottish universities and within to make sure that we have appropriate trainings and supports that help foster positive research cultures and environments for our researchers and supervisors.

Professional Interests

I have a varied professional background both inside and outside of academia where I pursued a PhD in Social Anthropology, but I am broadly interested in pedagogy and learning and am very passionate about access to education at all stages. Learning and development can and should be applied to how we support our research staff professionally, and this is key to shifting towards more positive research cultures. Previously, I worked on supports for field-based postgraduate students around ethics and wellbeing, and this is still a topic I engage with. In my “free-time”, I also do freelance learning consultant work with third-sector organisations in Edinburgh to help process and tell the stories of their work and impact, and I serve as a peer reviewer, copy-editor, and consultant translator on a French-Ethiopian interdisciplinary academic journal, Annales d’Éthiopie.