Using feedback postcards

Exploring feedback-seeking behaviour in workplace education using feedback postcards

Team Members: Michelle Arora, David Hope, Neil Lent, Helen Cameron


Background: In their commentaries on feedback, students often refer to “receiving feedback” but seldom mention proactively seeking their own feedback. However, feedback that is actively sought may be perceived to have more value and improve satisfaction with less risk to self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. Therefore encouraging students to actively seek feedback brings benefits that should continue to promote active and self-regulated learning. This however has not been studied in medical students.

We have developed a system for students to actively seek and record feedback in workplace learning using Feedback Postcards that can be scanned and uploaded to PebblePad portfolios.

Aims: We will explore students’ agency or capacity to shape their own education with respect to seeking feedback, and will look at the effect of actively seeking feedback on students’ intrinsic motivation. We will also evaluate the Feedback Postcard system to develop it further and create a toolkit for others who may wish to set up a similar system.

Methodology: This 12 month project will use grounded theory and action research approaches. We will gather data from year 5 students and staff, including Personal Tutors and module tutors, using questionnaires, focus groups and interviews. We will also audit the quality of feedback and develop guidance on writing good postcard feedback. Data will be thematically analysed using NVIVO.

Final Project Report

Final Project Report (PDF)

This includes a list of presentations made at national and international meetings over 2015-2016