Group assessment

Resources on the subject of group work and group assessment.

As class sizes increase, group assessment is becoming increasingly familiar, and for many course organisers presents an interesting option.

The University of Melbourne provides a good overview of the topic which asks the following questions:

  • What is being assessed - Product, Process or both?
  • Who is the assessor - lecturer, student or both?
  • Who gets the marks - individuals or groups?

You can read more in their full 'assessing group work’ guide:

Sharing out the marks

The main difficulty with assessing groupwork is often whether and how to allocate marks to individual students in the group.

Maiden and Perry present a range of approaches which can be used. Their paper is supplemented with practical case studies including the detailed guidance and information provided to group members.

Maiden & Perry paper (2011): Dealing with free-riders in assessed group work

Mini case exemplars: group work case studies

Thanks to Robert Perry from Wolverhampton for permission to include this document on our site.

Maiden B & Perry B (2011) Dealing with free-riders in assessed group work: results from a study at a UK university, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 36, 4, 451-464