Student-led media library development

DYNAMED: Student led development of a dynamic media library for the R(D)SVS

Team members: Brian Mather, Andrew Gardiner, Eoghan Clarkson, Jessie Paterson, Catriona Bell, Susan Rhind


Veterinary students are required to gain many important practical skills and competences in tandem with the underpinning knowledge and understanding that defines the discipline. We know that video resources are an extremely popular and valuable addition to our students’ study resources and we have been developing increased numbers of these resources in recent years. In parallel, most students will now attend practical classes armed with mobile devices with which to record findings and cases to support their learning.

We aim to create a ‘Dynamic Media Library’, to avoid the need for students to have to work out where to find relevant resources by embedding them through the technology of QR codes in the immediate vicinity of where the resources will be most helpful. Quick Response (QR) codes are bar codes that can be scanned using a mobile phone and automatically deliver information to the phone user such as text or a link to a web page. In this instance we intend to use it to link to Video and Audio content hosted in an online collection.

By offering this on demand in situ access to content, it removes the need to leave the practical environment to access relevant data. Students will be directly involved in driving the development of new resources and advising on embedding of the resources throughout the school.

Final Project Report

Download the Final Project Report (PDF)