Registration and fees

Who can attend the programme, how to register, information on fees and fee waivers.

Who can attend

The PgCAP is a part-time academic programme open to both University of Edinburgh staff and external students.  All those who participate must have current employment that involves a significant role in teaching, learning and assessment in higher education.  You will be required to undertake peer observation of teaching and must have some teaching experience that you can have observed during your time on the programme.

To see if you have enough breadth and depth of teaching and/or supporting learning to be eligible for the PgCAP we suggest you fill out AdvanceHE’s Fellowship category tool. 

Complete the Advance HE Fellowship Category online tool

New academic staff at the University of Edinburgh

All new academic staff are expected and encouraged to participate in continuing professional development in teaching and support for learning.  The PgCAP is one option within the UoE CPD Framework for Learning and Teaching. 

CPD Framework for Learning and Teaching

Participation in the programme should be discussed in advance with line managers and during annual reviews.  

Experienced academic staff at the University of Edinburgh (those who have been in an academic role for more than 3 years)

Experienced academic staff may enrol in any individual course or enrol in the full accredited programme.  Participation in the programme should be discussed in advance with line managers and during annual reviews.  

External students

An ‘external student’ for this programme is one who is not currently a doctoral student or member of University of Edinburgh Staff.

External students may apply for this programme; your application will be assessed based on your CV, academic profile and your current access to work-based learning reflective opportunities.  You will also be asked to fill out the Fellowship category tool.  The first stage is to contact the Programme Manager at:

Postgraduate Certificate Academic Practice

Contact details

Current early career research staff

Please refer to the paragraph at the top of the page ‘who can attend’. 

If you feel you meet this criteria, then you will be welcome on our PgCAP programme.

Doctoral students are not normally admitted to the PgCAP.  Those in tutor or demonstrator roles may want to consider the Introduction to Academic Practice course.

Introduction to Academic Practice

How to apply

Applications for PgCAP are now closed, please fill in our form below if you’d like to be informed once we are open again in Summer 2024.

Form for interested parties - PgCAP


Students will be charged for courses on this programme at normal UoE course fees:

Fees for Programmes invoiced at course level

No fees are charged for University of Edinburgh employees participating on the Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice (PGCAP).  We also waive the fee for Honorary Fellows (e.g. NHS clinicians) and staff from Associated Institutes who make a substantive contribution to teaching UoE students.

If you leave the employ of the University of Edinburgh before completing the programme you will be expected to self-fund any courses which you take after your contract ends.

Note that this programme is accredited to the AdvanceHE leading directly to Fellowship for successful graduates, if they remain in the employ of the University. Should a member of UoE staff have completed their employment contract before completing the programme, it is likely that HEA would charge a fee for any independent applications for Fellowship.

Sharing course participation data

Sharing course participation dataIAD policy and practice is to be transparent and to share participation data with University schools and departments. The full policy document is available below:

IAD policy on reporting attendance on IAD events and courses (PDF)