IAD Associates are a network of our former secondees; they play a vital role in linking the IAD with academic Schools and Colleges.

Associates and their contacts

Please note that a number of Assocaites have now left the University of Edinburgh, but we retain a note of their former project title

Debbie Aitken – Centre for Medical Education, MVM

Debbie's secondment project title was : 'Case Studies of the Effects of Observation of Teaching on Surgical Teacher Identities'.

Email: n/a

Eli Appleby-Donald - Edinburgh College of Art

The primary focus of Eli’s secondment was around the teacher in the hybrid studio classroom, considering the teacher and how they teach traditional art and design subjects in the post-digital studio.


Twitter: @LearningTechEli


Dr Thomas Bak

Thomas's project was: Challenges & opportunities of a global university: optimising support for staff & students


Dr Caroline Bamford, Office of Lifelong Learning

Caroline's secondment focussed on supporting closer links and collaboration generally between us and the Office of Lifelong Learning. She also contributed to some our specific projects and activities in the overall area of undergraduate study skills.


Dr Kasia Banas - School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Kasia's project was 'Groups for Education in Edinburgh.'


Dr Catriona Bell - former School of Veterinary Medicine, now AdvanceHE

Catriona's secondment project: The Edinburgh Teaching Award (Faculty Development Program) – identification of barriers and enablers to local implementation at school level, and evaluation of impact on teaching effectiveness.


Dr Sharon Boyd – Vet School

Sharon's secondment project title: 'Embedding sustainable development into the veterinary medical curriculum' .


Maggie Carson, School of Health in Social Science

Whilst on secondment Maggie looked at projects linked to leadership in Schools, and across the University.

Maggie has now left the University.

Dr Celine Caquineau - School of Biomedical Sciences

Celine's project is 'Fostering a student- staff community in biomedical sciences'


Robert Chmielewski, Information Services

Robert's secondee project was 'Analysis of Business Requirements for the Personal Tutor dialogue between Staff and Students'.


Dr Lynne Copson, School of Law

Lynne focussed on investigating the possibilities of developing credit-bearing pro bono work within the undergraduate degree programme in Law.

Lynne has now left the University.

Dr Andy Cross - School of GeoSciences

Andy's secondment project: Supporting opportunities for experiential and community based learning within the curriculum.


Dr Pete Evans

Pete's project is 'Teaching & Learning Future Resilience'


Professor Suzanne Ewing - Edinburgh College of Art

Suzanne's project was 'The good project: an exploration of the politics, cultures, habits and constituents of ‘the project’ and project-based learning in higher education + potential for modelling future working practice and interdisciplinary learning-doing.'


Susan Greig, Information Services

During her secondment Susan wrote a scoping study for IAD entitled “What kinds of support can we provide for university educators to make good use of educational technology?”

Read Susan's report - eLC Paper A 04-05-2011


Emily Gribbin - School of Health in Social Science

Emily's secondment project: Evaluation of Researcher Development Training.


Professor Judy Hardy, School of Physics and Astronomy

Judy's secondment covered alternatives to the research-based MSc dissertation, student-generated content such as peer learning, and looked at models for co-teaching of non-specialist Maths.


Dr Sarah Henderson, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

Sarah's secondment focussed on the needs and engagement of online distance masters students with key student support services, notably support for English language skills.


Dr Kirsty Hughes - Vet School

Kirsty's secondment aims to cover: School based evaluation activities, with a particular focus on personal tutor and student support initiatives; contribution to IAD work around assessment and feedback; staff development plans, including qualitative and quantitative methods, and potential involvement in CPD framework pilots.


Professor Konstantin Kamenev - School of Engineering

Konstantin’s secondment provides academic leadership for the Postgraduate Researcher Experience Project (PREP).


Professor Ewan Klein, School of Informatics

Ewan's secondment considered assessment in the School of Informatics, with a particularly focus on how to combine the scalability of automated graded assessment with the personal aspect of lecturer/tutor feedback in a way that is satisfying for students whilst remaining efficient for staff. This in turn draws upon topics like peer review and assessment, team based assessment, technological issues and how assessment decisions for individual courses contribute over the whole of an undergraduate career to an assessment of global outcomes for students.

Read Ewan's report on his secondment (PDF)


Professor Dave Laurenson

Dave's project was School of Engineering Curriculum Review


Professor Catherine Lyall - ISSTI

Catherine's secondment focus was on Building Interdisciplinary Research Capacity.


Professor Tony Lynch, English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC)

Tony worked on areas such as improving the listening and comprehension skills of international students, particularly outside formal classes; improving feedback based upon experience from language teaching and including application to distance education; and support for students in effective note taking. He also provided advice and contributed to a range of other IAD projects and staff development activities.

Materials developed as a result of Tony's secondment include:

Rosie Maccagnano - School of GeoSciences

Rosie contributed to a range of researcher development projects, inclduing analysing and reporting on Schools-IAD engagement, and covered the role of Deputy Head of Researcher Development.


Dr Gavin McCabe, Employability Consultancy

In Gavin's second secondment he led on Edinburgh contributions to a new "Excellence in European Doctoral Education" scoping study, a joint initiative with Aarhus University (Denmark). He played a key role in looking at options for a doctoral supplement to cover broader dimensions of the doctoral experience and employer engagement.


Professor Heather McQueen - Institute of Cell Biology


Heather’s secondment involved working on a project relating to ‘flipping’ the classroom for large Biology classes. Selected outputs from the secondment:

McQueen HA, McMillan C (2017). Quectures: Personalised, Constructive Learning in Lectures. Submitted to Active Learning in Higher Education.

McMillan C, Loads D, McQueen HA (2017). From students to scientists: The impact of interactive engagement in lectures. Submitted to New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences.

McQueen HA, Shields C (2017). Where Facebook meets plagiarism; An Investigation and an Intervention. Journal of Perspectives in Applied academic Practice. 5(3):33-44.

Dr Cecile Menard – School of Geosciences

Cecile’s project is “Investigating the career paths of researchers in precarious employment”


Professor Robbie Nicol

Robbie's project was: 'Residential Education Centre development proposal, and research & dissemination activities around emotional literacy'


Dr Katie Nicoll Baines - School of Chemistry

Katies's project is 'Evidence Base: Growing the Big Grant Club'


Dr Jessie Paterson, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

The primary focus of Jessie's secondment was around the area of academic skills, and considering higher-level skills - what skills, beyond these basic skills, are our students picking up that are valuable in the work place?


Zoe Patterson – Edinburgh College of Art, Design School

Zoe’s secondment project was titled ‘Maverick in the system’


Dr Caroline Pope

During her secondment, Caroline worked with the Making the Most of Masters team to enhance and embed provision for work based projects for MSc students in her school. In addition she also adapted the resources and knowledge gained through Making the Most of Masters so far to coordinate a new PhD placement scheme funded by the BBSRC.


Dr Emily Porth

Emily's project was 'Evidence Base: Growing the Big Grant Club'


Dr Martin Reekie – School of Engineering

Martin's secondment looked at developing, piloting and evaluating the impact of a new out of hours club based in the School’s electronics labs for UG Engineering students, including identification of learning or teaching approaches that might be usefully extended to other parts of the School.

Martin has now left the university.

Profesor Simon Riley – Edinburgh Medical School

Simon’s secondment project was “Every student a researcher, every researcher a teacher” – the ‘Teaching Vision’ strapline. He is also leading on the University’s Student-Led Independently Created Courses (SLICCS) work.


Amanda Singleton - Business School

Amanda's project was 'MBA Professional Development Review.


Dr Elizabeth Stevenson

Elizabeth's project was: 'Elements and Evidence of Value of Teaching'


Suzanne Spalding, Centre for Open Learning

Suzanne's secondment provided substantive contribution to key elements of our undergraduate study development work area, including the development of the 'Talking 'Eds' online learning resource.


Jo Spiller, The Learning Technology Section, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (Now Information Services)

Jo's secondment focussed on an online e-writing project, and leadership on a range of our other online projects.

Dr Rachel Whittington

Rachel's secondment focused on exploring the link between mind-set, ability and feedback in veterinary medicine education. This aimed to have close links to the development of the new student support (personal tutor) arrangements in the School and also provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen links between the IAD and Veterinary Medicine.