Advice & support

A selection of online resources and guides for Postgraduate Researchers. Advice and training suggestions aimed at different stages of your PhD, plus useful guidance and contacts.

A selection of online resources and guides for Postgraduate Researchers at the University of Edinburgh

A quick summary of the different phases of your PhD, and signposting to development support. Includes our PhD Planner to download.

The early stages of your PhD are about finding your feet, working out what you want to achieve and making the best possible start to your postgraduate research.

The main research phase of your PhD is the time to perfect your project management skills and start writing and presenting for the academic community.

Writing up and submitting your thesis on time should be your priority in your final year, but you should also make time to prepare for your next steps.

It is important you read the University documents, listed here, which govern the policy and practice of your PhD programme.

A suite of resources and coaching to support researchers to make the most of their roles, focusing on building confidence in leadership.

We're here to discuss your training needs, and to answer questions you have about our skills courses.

Vitae is an international programme supporting researcher development. It champions the needs of researchers and provides resources and guidance aimed specifically at Postgraduate Researchers.