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Reusable resources for educators relating to managing a digital footprint.

The resources on this webpage can be accessed and used by University of Edinburgh colleagues as well as non-University educators. All resources are © University of Edinburgh. The licenses for each resource is shown below or included on the resource.

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Promotional materials

Promotional video – ‘what is a digital footprint’ (CC BY NC)

Quotes from students about managing their digital footprint (CC BY NC)

Definition of a ‘digital footprint’ (JPEG)

“Your online presence can be a great way of making a good first impression to prospective employers” (JPEG)

“Think of the Internet as a public place. Don’t leave your details lying around” (JPEG)

“Create an effective online presence – manage privacy settings, update profiles and evaluate impact” (JPEG)

Guidelines and advice

Social media guidelines for inclusion in handbooks or virtual learning environments (CC BY) – MS word doc

Privacy podcast (external website)


e-Professionalism is the way you engage yourself online in relation to your profession, including your attitudes, actions and your adherence to relevant professional codes of conduct. 

Context document for educators (PDF)

Context document for educators (MS Word)

Student e-Professionalism Guide (PDF)

Student e-Professionalism Guide (MS Word)

e-Professionalism Case Study (PDF)

e-Professionalism Case Study (MS Word)

Digital Footprint and e-professionalism presentation (approx. 9 mins): This short presentation provides information and useful advice on managing your digital footprint and e-professionalism. It includes information on professional bodies’ guidelines, key questions, and useful advice about being professional online.

Watch the Digital Footprint and e-professionalism presentation in Media Hopper now

Workshop resources

‘spotty’ posters user information sheet (PDF)

‘spotty’ posters template – ‘what social media do you use?’ (CC BY) (MS Word)

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