Vets at "Play"

Vets at "Play"

School:  Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Team Members: Jessie Paterson, Alexander Corbishley, Jill MacKay, Susan Rhind


The use of “play” in teaching has been well recognised as a valuable tool in helping students explore what can be otherwise problematic areas to teach. This project will look at the use of “play” in the Veterinary Medicine context to explore the areas of decision making where there is no ‘correct’ answer and also failure (sadly a sometimes unavoidable consequence of action). Building a workshop around playfulness to be delivered to first year students based on a silly scenario created through discussion with later year students, the project will investigate whether such methodologies have a place in Veterinary Medicine, with possible cross over to other Professional degrees.

Final report

Download the final report (PDF)

Other project outcomes

Hochkins, E (29 January 2019)   “Co-creating a zombie apocalypse: Learning how to deal with failure through play”  Teaching Matters Blog, University of Edinburgh