Online reflexive practice

Innovations in (online) reflexive practice: linking theory with technique within the virtual learning environment

Team members: Nicholas Jenkins, Heather Wilkinson, Ailsa Cook, Jo Alexjuk, Charlotte Clarke


Reflexive practice (RP) is as a continuous process through which those responsible for delivering educational content critically reflect upon their behaviour and the impact this may have upon student learning and experience.

Over the course of the last 30 years, RP has become increasingly ingrained within the culture of higher education; as a means of improving quality, enhancing the student experience and maximising educational outcomes. Whilst established techniques and pedagogical models exist that facilitating reflexive practice within campus-based university teaching, the rapid advance of online and e-learning technologies presents ethical, pedagogical and epistemological challenges for embedding RP within virtual teaching and learning environments.

Drawing on the experiences of students, tutors, e-learning co-ordinators and key funding stakeholders connected to our flagship online MSc Dementia: International Experience, Policy & Practice, this project will explore the uniqueness of RP in online learning, as well as develop innovative approaches and practical techniques for incorporating RP within the virtual learning environment.

Insights will be disseminated across the University of Edinburgh, through the Distance Education Initiative’s project network, as well as within leading pedagogical journals and conferences, including the Higher Education Academy 2014 Annual Conference.

Final Project Report

Final project report may be downloaded from here.

Further Project Outcomes

Poster presentation for Higher Education Academy workshop. (Poster Presentation)

Powerpoint presentation for 'Gearing Up'  (transition into University of Edinburgh,  2015) (PowerPoint Presentation)