Course outline and reading lists

1. Course outlines and lists of core readings shall be available at least 4 weeks before the course starts.

What constitutes an outline?

An outline should:

  • Indicate the broad content of the course and outcomes
  • Tell students the course’s methods of assessment: by essay, exam, group project, etc.
  • Indicate the core texts: those which they are expected to read
  • Make it clear that there will be more information to follow: you should indicate what information will be provided, when and how

How can I ensure that students’ receive my course outline?

Either through your course’s Virtual Learning Environment (e.g. LEARN or MOODLE) or through course handbooks

How will this benefit students?

This will allow students to make effective course choices, read around their subject early on and prepare well for their course

How will this benefit staff?

It will ensure that students make appropriate course choices and are well prepared and ready to engage with course material.