Curriculum development

Links to Principal's Teaching Award Scheme project abstracts and reports on the theme of curriculum development.

Introducing psychology via public engagement

German in the workplace: boosting employability and language skills

Ways of thinking and practising in Chinese and Japanese studies

Engineering education for a sustainable society

A longitudinal study investigating student perspectives on generic research methods courses

Development and evaluation of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) in the veterinary curriculum: platform for a new undergraduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical Education

Guiding, monitoring and enhancing autonomous postgraduate learning abroad with virtual learning environments

Digital detectives

Where art meets science: development and evaluation of innovative 3-D models for undergraduate education

Investigating innovative environmental analysis teaching methods for undergraduates

Transitions between academic cultures: developing culture specific understandings of critical reading among higher degree students

Evaluating the long-lasting benefits of integrated assessment and feedback practices on academic skills and performance of undergraduate SBMS students

Innovations in (online) reflexive practice: linking theory with technique within the virtual learning environment

Musical improvisation in Higher Education: Values, methods and assessment

From periphery to core: personal tutoring in transition

Students as partners: Co-development of a flipped classroom strategy for the BVM&S curriculum

The role of tactical decision games (TDGs) as a novel method of teaching non-technical skills (NTS) to final year medical students

A curly arrows app for Chemistry?

Third space: evaluating a pilot

On-line training of Clinical Psychology post-graduates in good clinical practice research principles

A qualitative exploration of the effectiveness of interdisciplinary simulated learning in the acquisition of clinical skills and students decision making

Diversity Reading List

Approaches to teaching human empathy

Trading simulation platforms in finance education

Using gesture recognition system for hand hygiene training

Evaluating professional internships for PhD Students

Ways of thinking and practising in IMES

Understanding the learning experience from voluntary work

Physical activity in medical education: a flipped classroom approach

The Law School history wall project

Learning about the limitations of medicine - exploring barriers to effective learning

Development and evaluation of a contextualised intervention to embed resilience training into the core veterinary curriculum   

Theory on stage

Implementing lessons learned on embedded study skills provision for first year undergraduate students of Politics & International Relations   

Creating opportunities for students through the development of an anatomy bodypainting workbook   

Pre-laboratory peer assessed skills in inorganic chemistry and PRELAB-e (Pre-laboratory e-resources to enable student preparation of practical work)   

Developing Context-Based Physical Chemistry Laboratory Investigations

Helping students to write readable code - a peer approach using ACJ

Exploring the attitudes and learning needs of student nurses in relation to care home nursing

Teaching for critical thinking in business: developing the active teacher to support student critical thinking

A curriculum for climate justice: a collaborative investigation of the challenges and opportunities for climate change education through a social justice lens

Coding club - a peer-to-peer learning environment to surmount statistics anxiety and code fear 

Developing research methods, data analysis and statistics course (RMDAS): engaging students in curriculum development

Edinburgh Arabic Learning Evaluation Project (EALEP)

R.L. Stevenson's 'The Bottle Imp': a graphic adaption

Developing a framework for research-led virtual field trips: Physical and social issues of the natural hazards of Ecuador

Vets at "Play"

Developing business together: student perspectives on a key employability mismatch in veterinary education

Embedding a culture of career learning in the GeoSciences

Students - staff partnership in Biomedical Sciences 2: Development of digital educational resources for year 2 undergraduate students

Embedding employability in the course approval process

Design-thinking frameworks for future-directing bio-innovation

Developing a disability studies module in the School of Health in Social Science.

Mentoring for success: Co-producing a meaningful workplace mentoring scheme with students and employers

Assessment Literacy for Graduate Attribute Enhancement (ALGAE) in Biomedical Sciences

Student-led portfolio assessment in a large pre-honours cross-university elective

Decolonising the Business School Curriculum

Helping teachers and learners discover unfamiliar ways of thinking

Empowering student teachers to improve classroom practice using the Lesson Study model: teacher research for the next generation?

Can a pandemic evidence-synthesis group become a model for student development and enhanced learning?

Researching widening participation in Engineering: Enrolment, Progression, Attainment and Support Strategy

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the curriculum: developing a strategic approach in the medical school

Co-creating curriculum through the course Understanding Gender in the Contemporary World

Integrating student participation and EDI with Board of Studies: towards a community of critical readers

The creation and use of low-fidelity models in the development of key surgical skill competence and confidence in final year veterinary students

Assessing medical students’ preparedness to engage in clinical research practice.

How is statistical study design and statistical analysis taught in the life sciences? A survey of undergraduate programmes across the UK 

Research staff: the missing link in teaching and learning?

Crossing the Line: Developing an Interdisciplinary Toolkit for Higher Education

Evaluation of the interdisciplinary experiential learning experiences of undergraduates enrolled on the new Curriculum Transformation pilot curricular course, Sensing in the Community.

Set Them Free! Open Publishing of INF1B Course Materials