Email notification of cancellation / changes

5. Students shall be notified by email of changes or announcements such as changes to courses, room changes or cancellations.

How should we tell students about cancellations or changes?

The official channel of communication for the University is the student mail system, using the student email address. But this can be backed up with other communication such as lecture announcements or local plasma screens, for example.

What is the time-limit for communicated cancellations or changes?

There is no time-limit, but of course students should be warned of cancellations or changes as soon as possible.

How will this benefit students?

This will ensure that students do not miss important information about changes and cancellations, for example, through absence, minimising disruption and dissatisfaction.

How will this benefit staff?

Ensure that classes are well attended and that all students are up to date with class learning.